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Yep, non-playing family members don't seem to get what the excitement is about. I was chuffed to bits a couple of days ago when I got a moon dragon (my FIRST black-hybrid and the one I wanted the most). Hubby didn't seem to get why I couldn't wipe the big grin off my face all day!

I feel your happyness, it's fab when you get a dragon you've been chasing, well done.
LOL, I know exactly what you mean!! When Quetzel came back I tried for it on my secondary account. I got it within 15 minutes with no DT fails. The conversation with my other half was like this....
ME: "woohoo!!!!! I just got a Quetzel dragon!! It was taken away and it's only back for a week! I got it pretty fast!!! woohoooo!!!!"
MAN: **deadpan** "that's good"

LOL Kind of hard to explain the excitement huh??