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Thread: Meet your new neighbor, Stormie!

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    Meet your new neighbor, Stormie!

    Quote Originally Posted by PonyRoar View Post

    Let's welcome your friendly neighborhood Stormie! Stormie is a new feature designed to help our users offer more in game benefits to the community.

    What are the benefits to having Stormie as a neighbor? Glad you asked! Stormie is a super helpful neighbor.
    • You can visit Stormie and leave tips, play with his pets, or clean his city to increase your Social Rating!
    • You can also request Stormie to send you a Part and he will do his best to send it as soon as he can (this doesn't happen immediately). But remember, he can?t send you a Part if you already reached the daily maximum of gifts.
    • Stormie loves to design and decorate his shops and city. You can visit him for loads of inspiration!

    Stormie can not be removed as a neighbor at this time. As much as Stormie would appreciate your Gifts and well-wishes, he can not be Gifted at this time. Stormie is a little shy, so his wall can not be posted on, but he appreciates visits!

    Please share your constructive feedback and suggestions here!

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    Can stOrmy gift us one gem each day? That world be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetstuff525 View Post
    Can stOrmy gift us one gem each day? That world be great
    That would be great, wouldn't it. Lol. I think that would give us all the necessary incentive to make him very welcome.

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    And here I thought Stormie was just a neighbor who changed their name..

    Is Stormie a member of the CFR????

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    Aw. How cute. Stormie is shy. I though stormie was just another one of TL 's rediculous evil schemes. But now I 'm convinced that he 's more helpful than anything...well, besides being able to tip/water...or gift...or leave friendly comments..

    Doesn't TL realize that the majority of their players are over the age of eighteen? So really, how are you going to win us over by trying to personify your robotic intrusion? My mind isn't changed. If there isn't a "delete" option added to this feature, I'm deleting all TL games.

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    So you finally announced it. Days after the fact. Way after you made your customers angry. And I'm sorry, I've played this game long enough to know that Team Lava doesn't do anything that doesn't put money in their pocket. Spend hours programming this phantom neighbor that never goes away just to be polite? I don't think so. Give us the option to delete!

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    TL could easily read the nearly 100 furious comments about Stormie on Farm Story Discussion (and I'm sure other games too). But instead they start this all over again. NO ONE LIKES STORMIE. NO ONE LIKES HIM BEING AT THE TOP OF THE NEIGHBOR LIST. This has elicited more negative feeling about Team Lava even than the Tap to Manage feature, which is the worst gem trap of all time. The hostile relationship between developers and players has gotten really bad.
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    So you want us to contuniue our rant here?
    Here we go.

    For the newbies: We have been discussing the unwanted and not-to-be-removed neighbor here.

    I want to see two steps:
    1) Make Stormie go away from his fixed first row in our neighbors list!
    2) Make him completely removable

    otherwise I simply have to say:

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    I don't really mind Stormie and I don't care if he is at the top of my Neighbour list because I can just, erm, scroll past him.
    I suppose I kind of like looking at his bakery because it has a lot of box items and fancy appliances.
    I'm not that bothered

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    Thank you for the feedback. It's good to see that some like the idea of having Stormie as a neighbor and are enjoying the in game benefits he provides. Others aren't happy that he stays at the top of your neighbor's list and would like the option to remove him. I'll pass this along to the team.

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