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Thread: Maintence tonight. Now can't access any TL game

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    Exclamation Maintence tonight. Now can't access any TL game

    The games went down for maintenance and pop up said so. Now when I try to load a game it tells me I need Internet access. do u think I'm posting this??? I need to serve food on BS and I can't get on even though I'm getting notifications

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    Can't access dragon story to get egg and new breeding but at least that doesn't expire

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    Same here.

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    I half put things on and ne'er hot to finish!! Sucks

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    Just read another thread on this. Arenyounipad as well?

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    I'm having the same problems

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    Same here.. Keep getting notifications but when I try to access the game it say it needs Internet connection!!

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    I'm on iPad and it doesn't work!!! Teamlava better hurry up

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    I had 37 seconds left to find out what egg I was about to get. Ggrrr

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    I agree!!!!

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