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Thread: can't log on

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    can't log on

    i have tried repeatedly to log on, i have deleted and reinstalled, turned device on and off, with no luck! is this only happening to me? what do i need to do?

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    This they must be experiencing problems - I cannot get onto to City Story either

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    It probably mean someone has your game... I can't get Into no games....

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    I can't either and have someone else's bakery!!!

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    Can't log in either

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    It says this game requires internet connection when i had my wifi on? /:

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    All the games r under maintainence so be patient

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    The account issues you guys may have experienced in any to all of your games should have been resolved around 8:30pm PDT. Please restart your device and try to access your games. If you are still experiencing account issues after restarting your device, please post any additional details in THIS THREAD. Any additional information you can provide would be helpful, such as the error message you see or if the game still doesn't display your account, but someone else's, and which game you attempted to log into.

    Please also send an email to support ( so we can investigate your account for any remaining issues you may be experiencing. I am locking this thread so we can redirect all of you to the main announcement thread where we can focus and gather details for anyone still experiencing issues. Thank you for your patience!
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