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Thread: need nbrs send gold everyday.

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    Add me?


    I'm going through and adding who I can I play multiple time a day if possible and always reply to gift and map requests

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    Add me! Youayetay

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    Jan 2013
    Im a daily player who send gold! Please add me : THcook

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    -Playing daily.

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    Feb 2013
    please add me trejojr88

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    Im lookin for nbrs hu send gold daily too. I have 102 nbrs hu i send gold to daily and get 2 wit a possible 3 from different nbrs. i dont hv consistant nbrs to help me out. I cant buy any with money so i rely on nbrs. Please if you r an awesome nbr hu gives gold daily, then we both can/will help each other out. I GIFT GOLD DAILY N I CAN PROMISE U THAT. CAN WE BE NEIGHBORS. IF SO PLEASE ADD: l i l l a d y l u v (no spaces) ANYONE WHO IS A SERIOUS/GENEROUS/ACTIVE ----PLEASE ADD lilladyluv I am deleting non-players..

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    Add me please, daily player and daily gold gifter... my storm id: pawonpeony

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    Add me!! ID: ashbox03 I am on multiple times a day!

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    Mariposa813 Add me plz

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    please add me need gold relly bad
    id: ravsdelicious

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