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Thread: The Help Me Thread

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    Done. I need more. Bring it Bubblemancer.

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    I need help on level 43

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    Help needed for level 500...its a simple enough level but i never seem to have enough bubbles to complete it

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    Here is an earlier thread on Level 43:

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    Level 500 was pretty tough, IMO. To the point that I think my beating it was more luck than skill.

    - In all sections: Try not to pop poison bubbles!

    First section
    - Use a bubble to connect the middle formation with the light switch to a clump of bubbles (doesn't really matter which side).
    - Get to the light switch. (For me, for some reason, green is usually a good color to use to go after the light switch. Keep in mind that to get to the light switch, you need to break the egg bubbles, but whatever bubble you use will get stuck between the steel bubbles, so you will need 2 more of that same color to clear the path again and actually activate the light switch.)
    - Hit the light switch.
    - Clear away the bubble you used to attach the middle formation to one side, giving you access to the prize bubble.
    - Hit the arch of bubbles that was activated by the light switch to drop the baby and get to the next section.

    Second section
    - Clear away one side or the other enough that you can make a bounce shot to again connect the middle section to the rest of the bubbles.
    - Once the middle section is connected to something, hit the lightning bolt to activate the light switch.
    - Hit the arch of bubbles that was activated by the light switch, to get to the next section.

    Last section
    - Use the fireball you got in the first section to activate the light switch and hit the lightning bubble at the same time. (Reminder: Blowing up poison bubbles with a bomb or fireball does not take away your bubbles.)
    - Hit the arch of bubbles that was activated by the light switch.
    - Hope you have enough bubbles left (really only need 2! but I often only had 1...) to save the final baby.

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    Hey thank you for all the help i was wondering if there some sort of list of all the highest ranking players, cuz my mom just finished all the levels now and she was really happy about it asking me if shes amongst the top players
    Any clue when new islands would appear?

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    Any tips for level 124?

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    Help level 368

    Has anyone got tips on how to beat level 368 ?

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    Tips for Level 368:
    First stage: Fire the first shot straight upward, using a color that matches the babies on either side. This will pop that thrown bubble, so that it does not obstruct. Then you can hit the lightnings above with the next shot. Before leaving the stage, be sure to collect both prizes. This level has enough extra bubbles in it that you can afford to use some of them to collect prizes, which are very valuable. To avoid dropping them, it is safest to get the prizes from below, starting with the lower one.
    Second stage: Try to collect all three prizes. If sludge advances and threatens any babies, you may need to use a firebomb to stop it. If you do that, try to throw the firebomb in a way that will help clear the way to one or two prizes, as well.
    Third stage: The sludge advances quickly here, so it is probably simplest to just use one or two firebombs and go directly for the lightning in the upper right to quickly get out of this level. Before hitting the row of lightnings near the bottom, you may first want to hit a couple of switches to activate bubbles in the upper right that will help you get to the lightning. Note that you can throw a single combo shot that will activate two adjacent switches and also the row of lightnings.
    Fourth stage: The babies in the middle will quickly be threatened by sludge. Try to clear a path to them early on. Use firebombs if needed. But also look to turn on all switches, as leaving a switch unhit may make it impossible to finish the stage.

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    Any tips for 528?

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