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    star rating

    Just curious about the star rating bc everyday it reset it self a lil, I had a 4 but it went back down to 3. However yesterday it drop alot! I was back down to 3.5 instead of like the 3.8 it did before. So yeah what is this star rating all about why does it drop and will it ever stay as 4?

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    You have to tip your neighbors everyday. The rating does drop at reset time, but if you've tipped enough people, then it will sometimes stay a 4. Once you reach a level, you can't stop, as you'll drop down a level by the next day. In order to keep a 4, you need to tip at least 40-50 tables per day, or something around that number.

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    Oooo ok ty I thought after a while I would stay at 4

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