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Thread: Not sure whats going on. help please?

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    Not sure whats going on. help please?

    That's right from my phone about 30 mins ago. My breeding is still taking forever but this seems like normal gold cost? Can anyone explain?

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    with the new update they have decided to make gold things 5 times more expensive, but they haven't reduced the cost of actually buying gold. They are going to be sorry because nobody will buy gold now :L x

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    That's not what I meant. This morning when I woke up before the update. This picture shows what gold speed up cost use to be. Now it seems the same. In my opinion, this is what speeding up stuff use to cost. Breeding seems to be what really took a hit. To speed up breeding it takes over 50 gold even if its under 10 hours. I just don't understand why this blue plat is asking for 16 gold. When I went to check it I figured it would be in the 30s

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    That's odd, because for me, all my gold costs for speeding things up are double, or 2 gold per remaining hour, not 5. The only exception in speeding up expansion, for which the gold rate seems to increase with every expansion. I also just noticed that clearing shrubbery (for me at least) is 1 gold/hour remaining.

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    Thank you. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is seeing inconcesstancies...

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