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Stop moaning and play intelligently.

As people tend to return favours by playing with other peoples dragons after they have had theirs played with, and the fact that everyone tends to leave a message regarding this: check peoples message boards, and keep clicking on the latest commenter. Each comment you click on is invariably increasingly recent. Once you find comments that are only a few minutes old, 9 times out of 10 you'll find they have also cleared their dragons recently too. Keep clicking on recent comments and you will quickly increase your egg rating. An added advantage is that as the people's whose dragons you are playing with are generally still online, they will check who played with their dragons (in NEWS), and instantly return the favour!

The playing system is fine.
Honestly this isn't my experience at all. Yes, you often get someone who is still online, but that person is making the rounds and may not have cleared their habitats recently -- especially since there is such a lag between the time a habitat is played with and the time it shows up.

I find it really off putting when people say things about the intelligence or creativity of people who feel differently about something. Seriously, can't you share your opinion without insulting other people? This goes for pinkstarbelly as well.