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Thread: May 2012

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    May 2012

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    Red face

    Friends, Please add yumengshi.

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    Add moo8moo if you need a nbr.

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    msnancylou420 .... feel free to add me

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    add chewytwix

    I usually gift twice daily (gift shoes, then respond to gift request..and I always respond to gift request)
    I'm just switched to fashion story, but have been playing bakery and restaurant story for 1.5 years so...yeah I'm a regular =)

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    Add Me... IsisGarden. I do not accept players with a 0 (zero) star rating.

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    Add me, Amaterasu1992 - I've been playing for a while but recently due to Internet problems haven't been online.

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    Apr 2012
    Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

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    add me plz hayans

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    Brand new phone )((: needing neighbors! Add: Godisdevine (fashion story, restaurant story, & bakery story) gifter/tipper! thank you in advance.

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