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Thread: Need daily giftin but no tips needed neighbors

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    Just did some neighbours clean up and I am in desperate need of neighbours who only gifts goal parts during goals.

    I am a daily player and would gift goal parts only and respond to requests promptly.

    Not active in tipping. I randomly do it when I have the time as I have a very active little boy.

    ID: friedtokki

    PS. I do have Bakery Story as well. Just goal parts and random tips in there as well.

    Hope to be neighbours with you soon!

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    I gift goal parts and accept parts requests. Not a daily tipper.

    Add me: baekacake

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    ID: wanderingjade

    I log on daily usually between 4PM-10PM CST and respond to parts requests and try to tip on weekends

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    add me, id:kurisuchan1

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    Add me: MissSara131. Tip, gift, and respond to requests every day.

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    Hello all! I've been playing off and on since 2010. I'm looking for a few like-minded players to add to my neighborhood.

    Here's what you should know before adding me:

    1) I mass gift. I send goal parts during goals and cappuccino or basic parts (usually oven elements) in the few days after the goal has ended. I try to stay current on when everyone swaps to sending the second appliance's parts, but I may lag a day or get ahead a day.

    2) I sometimes gift late. Rollover time is 3 AM in my time zone. If I'm awake, I'll gift right at reset. If I'm not awake, it may be another 8-12 hours before I gift, possibly more if I'm busy. As a result, you might be full on gifts by that time and may not see one from me that day.

    3) I do not respond to requests for individual gifts. I just don't have the time to keep track of everyone's preferences, nor do I want the stress of worrying about whether I have pleased everyone that day. I like to keep my gameplay low-stress and non-obligatory.

    4) I silently tip sporadically or not at all. I often have the time/desire to maintain a 3-star rating, but I don't commit to it and will sometimes fall to 0. If daily tipping and receiving a tip message are important to you, we may not be a good match.

    5) I respond to all parts requests and I check for them a few times per day.

    What I look for in a neighbor:

    1) Level 99. I don't have time to keep track of and delete new players who download the game then quit.

    2) Easygoing. If you're the type to reprimand neighbors on their wall for sending the wrong gift, I'm not your gal.

    3) Active in some way. Cooking, decorating, doing goals, gifting and/or tipping, accepting requests, saying hi sometimes. However you like to play, and whatever works for you! As long as I know you're still around and still playing, it's all good.

    Please only add me if my playstyle matches your expectations. MissCeara is my ID. Thank you so much!

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    ID; pinnosh

    Hi I am a slilent player. I gift stew only, and would like to get only stew. I don't play the goals. But I answer every request. Oh and I tip those with 3 or 4 stars only.

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