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Thread: Need daily giftin but no tips needed neighbors

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    Jul 2012
    Looking for neighbors who gift stew or chicken. I don't tip daily, and don't care if my neighbors tip at all. I try to gift daily and I will try to respond to requests.

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    Add me tabethamichelle I gift daily!

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    Add Me tabethamichelle

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    Will send daily gifts and material as requested. Play every minute

    add kvnsntosa

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    Mar 2011
    Florida, USA
    MissCeara (main device, level 99)
    MissCeara2 (2nd device, upper-mid level - still fills requests and gifts)
    MissCeara3 (3rd device, lower mid-level - still fills requests and gifts)

    Hi, all! I am an established, responsive and active daily player who plays BS & RS on three devices. I respond to all requests as I receive them, and gift a random part daily. I do not gift food. Please feel free to add me on any and all of the above, under the following circumstances:

    - You understand that I do not tip, nor do I expect tips from you.
    - You are an established player (level 50 or greater preferred).
    - You play daily (within reason, e.g., holidays, busy times and special events are of course understood and respected).
    - You respond to part requests in a reasonably timely fashion, and send gifts (parts preferred) regularly.

    I will not be a good fit for occasional players, or those who are new and thus may or may not stick with the game. I only specify the above because I've had several players add me who were low level and either abandoned the game within a week, or who were not responsive. So I put these guidelines in place to save myself the trouble of having to continuously prune my neighbor list.

    Thanks for looking, and have a great day!
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    Add me : paulboy112. always gifts and tips every day!!! very active

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    add me arifinputra.

    plays everyday, accept all request, tip daily.

    add for satisfaction guaranteed !

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    May 2013
    Daily classic parts gifter, but not daily tipper. Add me if you are too! My id:

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    Sep 2013
    just add me : anugraini
    i will visit you and some tips would be given

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    Sep 2013
    Please add me. ID is vigneshke.

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