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Thread: Need daily giftin but no tips needed neighbors

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    Playin in NC USA

    Hey There Restaurant Story Members

    I have been playing for on and off for close to 10 years or so, but along the way i have had to make new accounts;
    due to not having a Storm8 Account, or having to get a new gmail account.

    My Current Account ID is : IrishMustang93 , and I'm currently at Lvl 12. I am new to this forum site.
    I have download the other games for the Gems, However I don't keep the games.

    Please Feel Free to Add Me : IrishMustang93

    See Yall in The Game

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    My ID - icysnowz

    need neighbours that GIFT goal parts during goals and basic parts in between.. tipping is not required

    i'm level 99 and only adding high level players that do goals and respond to request
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    Anyone who plays Both Bakery and Restaurant Story please feel free to add me. I gift goal parts and and say yes to requested materials daily. To add me: JSimpson82286. Thank You!!

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    Hi add me i lost my account was at 99 starting again after 2 years. Active daily.
    add MostafaTheWise

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    I play daily my ID is KLynne423

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    Add me KittyPrim will gift parts and food if needed

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    stamp3703 add me please

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