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Thread: Need daily giftin but no tips needed neighbors

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    add me please : severija. i play daily and give gifts (restaurant, pet story, fashion, bakery, dragon story)

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    I send a daily gift, send materials as soon as I see the request and tip as time permits. If you do the same, then please add cannolilady.

    I play daily and check in often throughout the day.

    I play both Bakery & Restaurant Story.

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    Looking for neighbors who gift parts food please
    I gift parts daily and answer all requests
    Add DragonShy13
    Also on bakery story

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    Add me. Stuncam.

    I rather you gift food but idc.

    Im active but unable to tip.

    Hurry and add me. Stuncam.

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    Just sent you an invite...I hear ya. After visiting every neighbor I have (many whom were maxed out) and seeing my social rating slip from 4 to 3, I am with you! I send material requests throughout the day and gift daily, but this tipping stuff I don't have time for. Especially, when someone says they delete any neighbor without a 3 or 4 rating. Hey, I tried but I don't have time to babysit this game. Storm8 ID: TrixiDeCat

    Quote Originally Posted by di1975 View Post

    I am level 96 and have givin up on daily tipping because it created too much stress in my life. So my star rating is often 0 or 1. However, I play daily and gift daily (fulfill requests, too, of course). Over time, many of my also high level neighbors have quit playing at all and I often receive less than 10 gifts a day.

    I am hoping to find some new neighbors so I can expand and get max gifts a day. But please understand, during the school year at least, I will not be tipping much at all. I will gift you daily with useful gits of materials or stew (sometimes chicken).

    If this sounds like you, please add di1975. Thanks!

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    Please Add Me Active On Restaurant & Bakery Story S8ID Soniisiir Tips & Gifts Daily Building Parts

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    my ID is : mamakittys , I gift daily and always respond to requests my ID is the same for restaurant story too. please add me. if you need gifts daily.

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    Please add polarbird

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    My username is : Nikos554, I gift and tip daily ,add me asap, thank you

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    Hi please add me : chidori1000
    I play bakery story
    Restaurant story
    Fashion story
    Pet shop story
    Nightclub story
    Dragon story
    I play every day!!

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