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Thread: Need daily giftin but no tips needed neighbors

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    Jan 2012
    ADD ME
    I try to tip if im not super busy but I always tip back
    I gift parts daily and I expect neighbors to do the same!
    ID freshfoods

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    LVL 99 player, looking for active neighbors

    I'm a daily gifter and reply to all material requests

    I only tip when I'm really bored and I don't expect tips from my neighbors

    please add me

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    add me pls : minnie_143
    I gift parts and accepts requests daily

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    Mar 2014
    I rarely tip. I will answer material requests every morning and will always send back to you whatever you send me. I don't really need food but I won't be too upset if I receive it and I will always send stew in return for any food you send me. If this sounds like the type of neighbor you have always dreamed of please add me. Any level welcome.


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    Looking for neighbours who will answer material requests and send daily gifts. I do not have a preference when it comes to gifting but as long as you do gift me I'll be happy. I do not tip sadly but I do gift stew and random materials on interchanging days. I also respond to material requests as soon as I get the notice

    ID: silverwings104

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    Add me: Nikos554 only active players who gift only food

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    Sep 2014
    ID: nck777

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    Aug 2012
    Hey everyone! I'm a long time player looking for many new neighbors as most of mine were no longer active or playing. Looking for other long term players (level 20+) who gift parts and don't care too much about tipping! I gift parts, accept all parts requests, tip occasionally, and am very active during goals!Feel free to add me ID: srblue

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    Let's cook

    Add Me >>>> UneCerise_ledessert. I want "Parts only and NO Food" . I gift "PARTS Only" everyday. I respond to request at all times and no I don't do tips, and No I do not gift or return FOOD item . If this is you Add Me

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