First of all I'd like to thank the lava team for the listening to our feedback and comming out with this latest update. I love that we can rotate stuff now, it will allow us to be more creative. Cool idea on being able to paint out fences but how about being able to paint the house, barn ect?

So I'm sure you've heard the idea about "earning" gems rather than buying them over and over again, but I have a possible idea on productively earning them. Say gems could be earned by planting a certain amount of a particular crop or crops. Once that level is achieved that amount to earn the next amount of gems can grow exponentially so on and so forth.

Another thought would be to be able to earn them by watering a set amount of neighbors farms. As it is, I achieved the 4 stars a long time ago but I'd like to be able to keep that number growing and thus earn gems?

The ducks were awesome btw! Major kudos those those. How about a tractor, Chicken coop, a water tower or a small pond(for those awesome ducks) as additional item for decoration? Or as our farms grow we can also allow our houses or barns to grow by add ons?

One last thought. How about a 1-10 rating on really cool farms? I'd like to see a list on other well thought out farms, sources of inspiration and a way of celebrating creativity.

Thanks for the game so far though! I live it and look forward to the continued growth! Farm on!