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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for RS

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    I still not getting notifications on either of my storm 8 story games. Now restaurant story throws me out whenever I try to cook or serve food on the new holiday appliances. This all started yesterday. It's getting quite annoying. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, it did not help. I play on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
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    Ditto on the crashing & inability to make parts from collectibles.

    I'm gonna be HIGHLY ANNOYED if I can't finish the goals / have to pay gems I wouldn't have had to if I could have made another oven.

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    Is there a MODERATOR here? 2 days of crashing and not one word from a MODERATOR

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    2 days of crashing here too. It is incredibly annoying and eating up my goal time. I have been playing for many years but this is something that will cause me to just leave it behind. Fix this, please!

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    The crash issue has been solved. Thank goodness. But now I cannot watch videos to receive the free gems. Is storm8 trying to get rid of the android users? I can see most of the bug issues are mainly android users. Coincidence?

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    What happen with notifications?????
    What is the s8 staff doing???
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    why am I unable to use parts in my inventory to build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDDDSDINER View Post
    why am I unable to use parts in my inventory to build?
    You can't use them from that "storage" space. Find a buildable appliance and if the parts need are in that "storage", it'll automatically apply them without you having to do anything.
    I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was blaming you!

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    I have an Amazon Fire 7 tablet, version Fire OS
    Bakery Story game version
    Restaurant Story game version
    Fashion Story game version
    They all keep going to a black screen when I try to play the game.

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    iPad and iPhone 7 Plus - my half lemon chairs are missing (6 to 8) that go with my half lemon tables. Also when this latest Valentine’s sale started, there was a hot pink grand piano for sale that has disappeared. I’d like to buy it.


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