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Thread: Current Bugs and Issues for Fashion Story

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    Today I am able to get into the game with my older iPad! I was unable to access with the iPad I normally use and all other games including S8 game were running smoothly.

    Quote Originally Posted by KadeeDid View Post
    I had not opened Fashion Story in a long time. I was so happy to see the Hallowe'en goals and the outfits back. I played it for several days but kept forgetting as it did not show notifications by the icons Then suddenly today with no updates or changes to it, I just see the loading screen. I deleted and reinstalled. Shut down the iPad several times and restarted. Nothing! I have been caring less and less about p,aging Storm8 games and migrating to other more enjoyable games but it looked like this was back in business. I had pretty much completely everything except some holiday items they had removed.
    I submitted the form and received an immediate reply saying the ticket was closed and I should visit the forums. Very disappointing. I had played the game again for a week. I have been playing at least 7 years. Possibly longer.

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    I have an Amazon Fire 7 tablet, version Fire OS
    Bakery Story game version
    Restaurant Story game version
    Fashion Story game version
    They all keep going to a black screen when I try to play the game.

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    Hi. I have a iPhone with iOS 9.3.6 and the game Fashion Story no work. I can't play with IOS. Please help Storm 8, fix the problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollitodeprimavera View Post
    Hi. I have a iPhone with iOS 9.3.6 and the game Fashion Story no work. I can't play with IOS. Please help Storm 8, fix the problem

    Please see current thread on this issue.
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
    How to submit Support Request

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    I updated my iPad to iOS 13.4.1 and lost all my game progress (I already sent in a request for that problem), but now I'm at level 7 on Fashion Story 1.7.3 and the yellow catalog mastery bars are completely missing. Is this part of the new update or is it a bug? Do I need to be at a certain level to be able to master items again?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the level mastery unlocks at level 8

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    I've been playing this game for nine years! Have you forgot about us? There hasn't been any new content in years.. I have so much time and money invested in this game, I'm on level 99. Why is it that iPhone users get more decorations and outfits then Android users. So since I'm an Android user I can't get the makeup counter. You guys have made so much money of off people buying gems. You've neglected the loyal people that still continue to play after all these years. Please new decorations, outfits, bring the old stuff back. Anything! Show us u guys still care about the people that plays ur games!
    Thank you, have a nice day! ❤❤

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    Did Storm8 discontinue this game? Or no more updates to it?

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    Any solutions for the notification problem? I made a forum about this a few years ago and it's still not fixed.
    Did Storm8 really give up on Fashion Story completely?

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    Since yesterday unable to visit or gift for some reason. Newsfeed won't download either. Anybody knows what happend???

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