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Thread: Completing goals

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    Completing goals

    Hi I'm trying to figure out what happened to the goals. They used to be on the top upper left screen but are nowhere to be found now. What happened? I was soo close to completing 3 at once!

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    The goals have been removed with the other holiday content
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    Ok. Thnx. Do u know if they plan on putting more up?

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    Put the gowls were working on back up or I'm deleting this waste of time game and will stop spending money with you. I'm too high up to advance past lvl 98 and can't find how to get the "goals" foods - which doesn't make the goals at all. What idiot is in charge of design?

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    Dang itouch.

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    When the goals were removed completely right before I was able to complete 2 at once (which I only needed a few more hours for!), it completely turned me away from this game. Its upsetting to get so close to goals, especially when you're wasted time and money on them, to be taken away before completion without any prior warning. I'm sure there are plenty of players who were upset by this, since it happened to a lot of my friends. Did the makers want players to stop playing, because they have accomplished it.

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