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Thread: Looking for neighbors who accept requests

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    ronnieroo2009 :-)

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    Aug 2012
    Add me please srblue and srblue12 I'm an active player, gift daily, and accept all parts requests. I play Bakery and Restaurant on both IDs

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    Pls add me on bakery story, need your helps so much. My id is: universwag. thx xoxo

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    pls add me: universwag . i sent tips, gifts, and helps too. lotta thanks!

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    Jan 2013
    Srry can't say
    Then ur looking for me sweetie my ID is fourpeople

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    Jan 2013
    Add: inedible
    I tip and gift daily and always accept requests!
    (Also play fashion story, feel free to add me there too :3 )

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    Mar 2012
    Virtual Land
    Looking for active player who gift parts and accept request daily with 3-4 Stars rating only! I gift part and respond to request daily. Not into tipping everyday and only tips when I'm free. If you play the same way as me.

    Please add me at MiniDemon88. Thank you! ^^

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    Please add me: [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]jellyJae[/COLOR]
    Looking for other daily players who gift materials and respond to requests. I gift materials and respond to requests daily, tip every other day. 3~4 stars rating only please Thanks!

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    Oops, something went wrong with the colour code! My ID is: jellyJae

    Is there any way to fix my previous post?

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    I gift daily
    I allways accept demands for parts etc
    tip if I can

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