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Thread: Game quitting while trying to visit neighbors

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    Game quitting while trying to visit neighbors

    Almost every other neighbor I try to visit, the game quits out, and I need to reopen it and re-visit the neighbor, it's super annoying and makes it hard to tip/play back. The game also freezes and quits maybe once a day while I'm just collecting coins, but that's much more manageable than the neighbor thing. I also play fashion story and that hardly ever quits/force closes. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? I have an iPad running 5.0.1, please fix this! I've been having this issue since I first downloaded the game, but had hoped they'd fix it or provide an updated version, I'm close to losing patience and am contemplating quitting pet story altogether

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    I know how you feel! I hate force closing.
    I always try restarting my iPad
    Or deketing and reinstalling the app
    If you haven't tried those, try them, and let us know if the problems persist.

    There have been issues where when you visit a certain neighbor the game will crash.

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    Delete the regular game and just play the Valentine Pet Game.
    Also go under settings-safari and clear your data cookies and history, the restart your game to see if this helps.
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