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Thread: Does your money go away?

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    Question Does your money go away?

    Does your money drop or iono? Lol

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    Same thing happened to me. I lost over 9000 coins in a matter of 2 minutes without buying ANYTHING

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    Yeah I lost money too

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    Thumbs down

    Same situation, logged in after over night ... system said I've earned 14k, when I look up I only have 7k.

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    I already lost count how many thousands of coins I lost This is extremely frustrating. I am done playing for now. Hopefully, they will fix it soon. I love the game before the update.

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    Loss coins

    I too loss coins after visiting neighbors to tip, came back & noticed I have less coins. I know this for a fact, before I left I made sure to look at my total coins I'v made just to make sure my mind was not playing tricks on me. When I got back I loss a few thousands of coins! I to am very upset with Team Lava, the developer GREEDY people that do not do anything to improve their games.

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    I want my money back!!!

    Every time I open the game I loose a few thousands too. If it will be going on this way there is no reason to keep on play Isn't there any way to fix this problem???

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    I think, they have somehow reversed the money you get from the food and turned it into money taken away, this is happening to me too, every time i log in my money has gone down instead of up, not sure if its the same amount that it says ive earned though. Im gonna end up with zero money by tomorrow at this rate so i wont be able to cook anything.

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