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Thread: February 2012

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    February 2012

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    Please add cast1532. Thanks! Please try to main 2 star rating. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with how many neighbors I have that I delete all the neighbors that have zero and 1 star rating just to tend to all my neighbors. (I don't like deleting neighbors but I have to and this happens once a month or every other month) Also, if you don't see if tipping/watering/cleaning just write on my wall and I will get back at you. Due to the high amount of neighbors I have I can't tend all of them. Sorry. I try to gift everyday but it will be the same part unless I go to your place and I see what you're building. Let's see what else I am missing. Hmmm...Sorry for seeing this message more than once.
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    I play all the games but these days I have been showing more interest in Farm, Bakery, and Pet Hotel Story. But I do check the other games like three times a week. =)

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    Add moderndaylove for fashion, nightclub, and bakery story.

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    please add wildwally

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    will gift daily, please add aiyayu

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    Plz add bananaunicorn

    Also play Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, Zoo Story 2 and Pet shop Story

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    Add me dousun21 (nightclub) story

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    Please add me: Tjompen

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    Please add TaraSangre.

    I gift and visit daily--please note that as I gain levels and increase numbers of friends, I purge my list if you don't maintain 2 or more stars.

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    I tip gift daily so please add me Price_Hill_Chili

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