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  • Crepes

    85 44.50%
  • Anzac Biscuits

    29 15.18%
  • Moon Cake

    58 30.37%
  • Rainbow Cupcakes

    96 50.26%
  • Birthday Cake

    106 55.50%
  • Various Breads

    74 38.74%
  • Dark Colors - Tables/Chairs/Counters/etc

    61 31.94%
  • White Columns

    28 14.66%
  • Easy Drink Mixers

    60 31.41%
  • Rainbow Colors - Tables/Chairs/Counters/etc

    85 44.50%
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Thread: Bakery Story Suggest and Vote January 24

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    I vote for fixing the existing game bugs, increasing the rate of sales, and "reversing" the "4 coins for every item" decision (but keep the reduced items being MADE).

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    Maybe have more than one recipe for the new appliances? Like new recipes for the dehydrator or the sugar coater. I don't have any specific recipes in mind, but I'm sure others do! It gets annoying, having an appliance that can only cook one thing.

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    I like the idea of darker colors also, like in my restaurant. Also in RS I have a chinese decor
    but the recent updates have all the chinese decor in the bakery. I never
    heard of a chinese bakery and it does me no good.
    P.S. Why is a coffee carusel 45 gems but a lucky fountain is 32??

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    I would put yet there wedding cake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leire22 View Post
    I would put yet there wedding cake
    Oh ya.. wedding cakes! Its perfect for this month!

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    I had a Rainbow cake for my 18. B-Day.. Really awesome! I like the idea of Rainbow Cakes/muffins/cupcakes or Even Dekoration

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    Oh just do it all. ����������

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    i loved the idea of a table that Seats TWO!!! I saw that somewhere else. That would be Fantastic !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirigibl View Post
    New Recipe Suggestions for Single-Recipe Appliances

    1. Candied violets
    2. Funnel cake with powdered sugar
    3. Gumdrops

    Dried apricots, peaches, papaya, bananas, apples, etc.

    Broaden usage beyond candy cane themed items for year round use (i.e., other types of candy--hard candies, taffy, gummy bears, etc.)

    Marzipan candy themed to various holidays (Easter/Spring, Valentines, Halloween, etc.)

    added from other thread.
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    Can we please have a Japanese theme?

    There are other Japanese dessert and drinks besides green tea you know. For the ovens, how bout Dorayaki, Taiyaki (fish-shaped so it'll look cute!) and mochi?

    Drinks has mugicha (suggested by another person) or my favorite yuzu tea!

    A bread machine would be great too! But please make them regular appliances so we don't have to build them. And have more than 1 recipe for it please.

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