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Thread: Play Some Jingle Bell Rock

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    The Volcano

    Play Some Jingle Bell Rock

    ...for these Snowbunny Dancers to dance to!

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    This looks really lovely, will look very nice in our nightclubs.

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    ! Good old Blighty=)...and here permanenty right now!
    Is this jingle bell rock enough?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachael98 View Post
    Blimey, Carols!?
    Whatever happened to Once in Royal?
    ...which by the way is my favourite because it's the first solo I ever sang.
    So...I wrote a TL "Carol" to the tune of Once in Royal David's City. Some of the words may not fit brilliantly, it'd work better if I could give you the music version here. As it would be a copyright infraction of whomever's arrangement I took, here are just the lyrics:

    Once in sunny California,
    Stood a place called Redwood Bay.*
    It had a com-pany call-ed Storm8,
    Who made games, for all to play.*
    TeamLava made nine more games,
    Helped Storm8 achieve their aims.*

    In the TL Story series,*
    First came Farm - a great debut.*
    Grow your crops, and water the trees,
    Get Collect-ibles: Stones and Bees!
    Peacocks and geese are there for you,
    Now on Kindle Fire too!

    Then came City,
    Fac-tor-ies and buildings,
    Keep your resi-dents hap-py,
    And gift houses, or some trees, build with many lovely things!
    Build Police, or Fire Stations,
    And look forward to up-dates with ani-mations!

    Restaurant's next up on the menu,
    With ovens and Drink Mach-ines,
    Eat at dif-fer-ent chairs 'n' tab-les,
    And tip-and-gift neigh-bours, it's all routine.*
    The food looks real-ly delicious,
    Except eye-ball stew: THAT was malicious.*

    Treasure hit the decks as well,
    And it was another hit!
    Dig round islands, for the bounty,
    Then make your own one for a bit.*
    Ships, and huts, and treasure hunting,
    Plus the seas: no good for punting?

    Bakery was soon to follow,
    With some mouth-watering cakes,
    Plus some doughnuts, we all love them,
    But get some ice cream, for goodness sakes.*
    It is such a tasty treat,
    Lots of diff'rent things to eat.*

    Empire Story brought an impression,
    Of the old days, weren't they fun?
    Romans, with their grand old buildings,
    And gladiator sparring: this is the one!
    Build an old town, with houses thatched;
    Will those Romans now be matched?

    Back to 21st cen-tury now,
    Where there's a newer type of dress;
    Just as well, we have Fashion Story,
    To keep us looking at our best!
    Design a boutique and get orders,
    Buy mirrors and design your wall-borders.*

    Then Nightclub came to town,
    Six stylish tracks for DJ to play,
    Mix up cocktails, and make dancefloors:
    Why not party every day?
    Go to friends' Nightclubs as well,
    A game with re-al ap-par-ell.*

    Lastly Zoo, has joined the ranks,
    Tigers, Lions, Zebras, Bears,
    With some stands-ice cream and hot dogs,
    And some rides: hold onto your hair.*
    Tour some zoos, and get vis-i-tors,
    And grow the food, forget apple cores.*

    TeamLava continues to grow,
    Getting better, day-by-day,
    Keep enjoying fabulous free games,
    And relax nicely whilst you play.*
    Play all your games, they are such bliss,
    And hearken to this: "Merry Christmas"!

    NB: CS may never get animations. It just rhymed. I'm not suggesting that it will (though I hope so).
    Also for anyone who doesn't know, punting is meant to be in rivers.

    Well, I love it whether my lyrics are or not.

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    I though Xmas was over with? Cute but I'll pass.

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    That depends. Will you take it away in like 5 minutes....? It looks like you would charge too many gems for it anyway.
    My nightclub needs more than just counters though sigh

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    LMAO, I can finally sell a drink from my 50 counters, because I had my Nightclub set up not t TL's Spec's and they want me to pay Cash to change it? Then go thru 100 weeks of emails to get it to sell drinks again? Dang I am afraid to even expand it now.

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    thats cute

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    NICE! I want that :O

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    Very cool! I'd love to have it for the ice-themed lounge in my club. I love it, but more than likely will never have it because it looks expensive....

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    I want good updates in nightclub. Ones that cost coins. And ones that cost a much fewer amount of cc not 10 for ONE piece of wall paper. Come on get real.
    Please I hate my night club. It's just full will a lot of ugly counters.....

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