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Thread: Request material

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    Request material

    How can I send a request material? Thanks

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    Makeup counter right?

    You will need to buy a makeup counter and place it in your store. Then click on it and you will see a screen telling you how many and what parts you need to build.
    You can ask neighbors for the parts or you can buy to build completely for gems( I do not recommend this ).

    When you request, remember you can only send a nbr a request every 24 hours. You can also only receive a total of 20 parts back a day.
    (if you are also doing goals... you can only receive a total of 20 goals/parts combined a day.)
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    And you can (well, most of the time, anyway) also select which members you wish to send requests to as well instead of sending one request to all your neighbours.

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    Also, you can accept gifts. that has nothing to do with getting help/materials for goals/makeup counter.

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