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Thread: So many bugs!

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    Angry So many bugs!

    You know, this is a really fun time passing game but the glitches and bugs have me so frustrated.

    1. Daily multiplier is off. My shop rating is 5. I only get two.
    2. I have goals to reach that are unattainable because it requires animals that can only be bought with gems.
    3. I've already bred a cojack family for one of the goals but it isn't registering it.
    4. The price of gems is just ridiculous.
    5. Sometimes the breed times are off.
    6. Says I've already requested from my friends today when I haven't.

    I understand money needs to be made somehow on free games..but there should be sone kind of alternative for those who aren't purchasing. Even if it's a high coin price. I hate having goals with no way to finish unless I dish out 5 dollars for a small amount of gems.

    Don't put out more games till you fix the ones you already have.


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    I have advice for most of these glitches.
    1. My day multiplier is off, too. However, you should still be receiving the proper amount of money. Do the math. The original coins times five (your rating), should equal the money you receive. The graphics are off, but it doesn't affect your income.
    2. I can't really help with this one, but it's a big issue a lot of people are upset about. TeamLava will have to address it sooner or later.
    3. This is also a common issue, especially with the Cojack goal. Go ahead and progress with the goal; complete your Cojack family as well. Once you receive your bonus for completing the family, and once you finish all the other tasks on the goal, it should register.
    4. The price is absurd! Once again, the prices should go down eventually. Hopefully...
    5. TeamLava is constantly playing with the breeding times. They will adjust very frequently. This is certainly an inconvenience, and a lot of people are contacting TeamLava about it. This is why your breeding times are off. Also, you will probably receive inaccurate notifications are a result of skewed breeding times. You can dismiss these in the Settings section of your game.
    6. This happens to me, too, as well as a lot of people. What's happening is the game is not registering when a new day comes. (For example, it'll say it's a new day and time to collect my reward at 5:00 at night.) Therefore, when you go to request materials, if the time is off and the game hasn't registered a new day, you will not be able to send the request. I don't have a fix for making the day pass quicker, but you can contact Support about it.

    If you're still having issues, two common fixes are to restart your device or to reinstall the game. You won't lose any of you data for reinstalling. Hope I helped! Good luck!

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