Well, it's almost here! The Great RS Update Date! It's finally the new year, 2012! TL released some goals right before New Year's, but sadly they will be removed along with some holiday content. The goals will be removed on January 13. The recipes that you unlock will not be removed, by Morning Cheer will be removed. You will not be able to buy anymore Turducken Friers, Chesnut Roasters, and Holiday Drink Mahcines. You will still be able to cook the recipes on these appliances, but you must have some. All purchaseable (Decor) Holiday items will be removed frm the store, but the ones that yuo own will still be yours.

This week, we don't have any teasers, as TL was rather busy and didn't have time to make any. We can still talk about our hopes.

1. A new recipe!
2. More goals!
3. Coin Content!

In the mean time, let's all get ready for The Great Update Date!