I realise team lava make games other than fashion story.

Can someone explain the rationale behind making the pop up ads appear every time we load the game and at semi regular intervals while we play it?

Do you think it will make people finally cave in and load those games only to have an ad for another game pop up in the place of the previous ad?

Or do you think that, eventually, we will get so annoyed by the ads that despite loving to play the game and really enjoying it, we will eventually say enough, this is too annoying and move onto other games?

This is why people buy DVD box sets and cable tv so they can enjoy the shows they love without the ads.

Why not make a version of the game identical to this version but allow us to pay something (eg 2.00) to stop the ads? I would happily pay it and maybe once you stop bombarding me with the ads maybe I might try those other games.

I see I am not the only one who feels this way. Could you consider removing the ads? It is excessive, highly annoying and irritating .

Other than that I love the game.