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Thread: Pet Shop-Suggest New themes and Items

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    Would like to see scheduling of breeding. Example: if an animal takes 12 hrs to breed, you can choose to start breeding in 3 hrs or similar so baby does not come due in middle of night. Too many younger kids play this game and without something similar, it encourages them to get up or stay up at all hours.

    Would be even better if you could have a schedule to breed so when you place the baby, the next one on the list is ready to go immediately. Same type of thing for cross breeding (scheduling)

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    The grace period to get baby before it gets sick is about half the time it takes to breed. In the case of a 12 hour breed you would need to pick up before 18 hours lapses.

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    actually for a 12 hour breed, you will need to pick it up before 12 hours after the baby is born.
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    More ways to get Gems. >_> and more expansion... One MAJOR one other than those two, a WISHLIST!!! So people don't keep sending me things I don't need when I request things I do T_T

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