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Thread: Dividers are there for a reason, why can customers walk through them?

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    Dividers are there for a reason, why can customers walk through them?

    In reality, nobody can walk through a solid item. Dividers are used to partition off sections of an area. I wanted to have a single entry into each pet-theme area with the designated sign at the entrance. I just noticed a customer walked right through a divider.
    Granted, we can't do a perfect corner, but I had placed the cat scratching post in the corner and the customer walked through that, too.

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    Oh dear

    I have to agree.

    Rachael98...because Norman was taken! ...what?

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    I found this so funny. I block the door so they cant get in, BUT THEY DO!
    It was so funny!
    When will we be able to change the door, wallpaper, add windows and the floors?

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    It's like Haunted Pet Shop Story

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