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Thread: I'm new to Bakery Story/Halloween: The game is deleting my money:Examples:

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    Angry I'm new to Bakery Story/Halloween: The game is deleting my money:Examples:

    I had 100,000 coins. I tapped the ovens and they let me buy the cookies, yet seconds later I look up and I have 234 coins. I tapped the ovens again just to tap the last time to begin cooking. It wouldn't let me. I had to wait until I came up with more coins to cook what was already paid for. I couldn't even delete it and it wouldn't spoli because it was not cooking yet. I had two Easy Bake ovens. They're gone!!

    If I was not already a fan of your other games I would never have loaded another game From TeamLava, but the key word in this sentence is "WAS"

    I play City Story, Empire Story, Nightclub, Farm Story ( all at level 96). Once you get to that level that's it. It's been almost a year since I've been at 96 on City Story and I play CS everyday. I usually have 5 or more million $. The only reason I added this is because I wouldn't have played if I'd have known i'm playing a game, spending my money, and then poof I'll never level up.

    The coins are disapearing so fast I can't even cook anything or buy more counters. That's another thing I know things that take up multiple tables should be moved for space. Sometimes it works and a lot of the times it doesn't!

    Do you want loyal fans? You're stealing our money! In soooo many ways.

    Try QUALITY not QUAN***Y!! Are you kidding me with the ***'s on "QUANT I TY".....

    This board is like an edisode of Beavis & Butthead. I bet you'll *** out BU T THEAD.

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    Uh oh... I've never seen that happen before. Try deleting and reinstalling the game. Your progress won't be lost because your game is saved on Teamlava's servers. If that doesn't work, you'll have to email and tell them your ID (RocketQueen) and your device. Keep in mind, the first response you will get back is automated, but you should hear from them as soon as possible.

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    Loss of coins is a current issue that has been reported . Please come and post on the current bug thread

    Please post the device you play on, the game and what you are doing when you lose the coins.
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    Thank you so much!

    I just saw your responses. Thank you. I'm not sure I'll stick with Bakery Story, but now it's Empire Story that has a problem. I posted in the right spot this time. Again thank you and Much love!

    PS: I wish we could post pics with picup. I'll try photo bucketbut I play on my phone. I don't play on my computer so it's hard to load a pic. I'm a girl too. I've had a few guys ask if I was a guy? Maybe the Queen part? Who knows?

    It's my fav song.

    Love, RocketQueen.

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