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Thread: Two bugs

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    Two bugs

    For squishing:

    First, a random tipped white table that appears in the middle of..anywhere, on anyones restaurant.

    Goes away on my own if I collect tips from other tables. It cannot be selected. I am using an iPad.

    Second, it says I have five gifts,

    But when I tap it:

    It also allows me to gift back for people who I have already gifted, but it just doesn't show their names in the list of people to gift at the same time.

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    I'd also like to add that I think it's silly that:

    1. You cannot sell flooring. Replacing it just stocks it up in the inventory.

    2. Where you expand and get cement flooring, that you just end up with an increasing amount of it in your inventory which you cannot sell whenever you replace it with another flooring.

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    Moving tiles

    I agree with all of the above. I also hope you fix it so you can move the tiles around in editing.

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    Lol. This is kind of a funny critique. In REAL LIFE you don't usually sell tiles either! The fact that they can at least be reused in a fanciful courtesy the devs have allowed us. This was when I want to see how different tile patterns look, I'm not screwed if I want to rearrange it. Normally tiles are broken when redoing s bath or kitchen etc.

    What I don't like is that i have tables chairs and appliances in storage that I can not use because I don't have enough money. For examples, I had white chairs($500) in storage (already purchased) and only $400 in account. So, until I earned an additional $100 I was unable to use them. I'm still not able to use my stoves or black chairs. Very frustrating!

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