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Thread: "We were unable to send the material to your friend" message

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    can't send gifts

    This started a few days before the last update for me. I play on 2 devices. I pod 2nd gen. 4.3.5. and an i phone 2nd generation software up to date. Got both the push update last Friday and updated from the i tunes store on both. I only have 5 neighbors on the i phone, so it's impossible to max out on gifts there. I still get the message from my i pod that my i phone account has been maxed. It still happens when I skip a day when sending gifts to my i phone with the 5 neighbors. I hope this problem gets fixed soon and we are able to send group gifts to all of our neighbors soon. The "out of sync" message when trying to earn collectibles is really frustrating as well. You loose the item you just had on your screen. Usually the item that you needed to redeem the collectible. Other than that, great update.

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    I was looking back at this thread and I just wanted to reiterate kooky's reminder.

    This thread is for problems related to 'accepting' parts requests. Not gifting problems.

    Fortunately I havent run into any 'part request' problems since the fix.

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