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Thread: TL Titles (edited with Winners announced!)

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    Post TL Titles (edited with Winners announced!)

    Edit: Winners!

    Jaid666 is our big winner, with most of the entries we're using!

    Sub-winners are: Geluve (Rhino Keeper), PurpleIvy (Hostess). Executive Chef was mine, so no Gems for that one.

    So, that's 200 Gems to jaid666, 20 to PurpleIvy and 20 to Rhino Keeper.

    Here's the final ranks:

    1) New Resident
    2) Hostess
    3) Farm Supplier
    4) Rhino Keeper
    5) Fashion Designer
    6) Executive Chef
    7) Nightclub Owner
    8) Grand Emperor

    To the three winners, let me know the games where you want the Gems by PM. Congrats, and thanks everyone for the fantastic entries!


    Stole this from CoffeeStorm/the S8 forums, but I've been meaning to do this for a while. It's title time! Instead of just boring ole' Member/Senior Member, we want more original and creative titles for the TeamLava forums.

    (Unfortunately, thanks to that vbulliten bug, they still won't be visible to everyone from the main page... but everyone can see their titles from their profiles. And hopefully, we can get that display issue sorted out.)

    The Contest
    Come up with a title/ranking system to be used across the TeamLava forums.

    The Details
    Come up with custom titles to be used for members with the following postcounts:

    Rank 1: 0-9 posts
    Rank 2: 10-49 posts
    Rank 3: 50-99 posts
    Rank 4: 100-499 posts
    Rank 5: 500-999 posts
    Rank 6: 1000-4999 posts
    Rank 7: 5000-9999 posts
    Rank 8: 10k+ posts

    You cannot use a rank someone else already posted. This is to keep the ideas fresh, and to encourage people to post early.

    But what if it's a GREAT idea? If you do use a rank already offered by someone else, and you win, your grand prize will be 20 Gems lower, with that going to the person who originally had the idea. Think of it as you giving them credit for a nifty idea that made your entry shine

    How to Enter
    Come up with an idea for all eight ranks, and post them in this thread.

    You can only enter once. You cannot edit your entry (this is to make life sane for myself, as I try to determine who had an idea first.) If you do want to resubmit your entry, you must "delete" your original one (by editing it out), and post a new entry at the end of the thread. In effect, you're abdicating your seniority in order to get a second try.

    The Prizes
    Grand Prize: 200 Gems, minus 20 Gems for duplicate ranks. Be original!
    Consolation Prize: 20 Gems if the Grand Prize winner used your idea for a rank. One per rank.
    Consolation Prize #2: 20 Gems if we decide your awesome rank idea deserves inclusion in the final system. This is not subtracted from the Grand Prize winner.

    These are a few random ideas to get you started. Anyone can use these for no penalty. Use them, discard them, be inspired, or think "I can do way better."

    Remember, they don't all have to be directly related to TeamLava. They can be general terms like "Journeyman" or "Newbie." The idea is to create a clever system that sounds more and more awesome as you get more points. It should also reflect your relevant rank in the community. "Senior Member" does a good job of this, but we can all agree it's a bit plain.

    Sous Chef
    Executive Chef
    City Planner

    You have until Monday, August 29th at 9:59am Pacific Daylight Time to post your entries in this thread. Good luck!
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    1. Rookie
    2. Farm hand
    3. Gallery cook
    4. Chef
    5. Master stylist
    6. Cordon Blue
    7. Coyote ugly
    8. City Engineer.

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    1. Lurker
    2. Shy
    3. Friendly
    4. Happy poster
    5. Writer
    6. Verbose
    7. Addicted
    8. Master of the forum

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    1. Fresh Blood
    2. Still A Noob
    3. FNG Syndrome
    4. Internship Zookeeper
    5. Master Freemason
    6. Chef De Partie
    7. Agricultural Specialist
    8. Ancient God (aka Know-It-All)
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    1) Aspirant
    2) Novice
    3) Intern
    4) Apprentice
    5) Mentor
    6) Instructor
    7) Superhuman
    8) Omniscient

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    1.-Newbie Tourist
    2.-Little Lamb
    3.-Smily Daisy
    4.-Rhino Keeper
    5.-Renaissance Designer
    6.-Flame Bar-Tender
    7.-Venerable Puff Patissier
    8.-Dragon Scale Chef

    Hehe very funny contest!!

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    I don't know if this is good, but it is pretty TL oriented.

    1. Warm Pebble
    2. Heated Stone
    3. Hot Rock
    4. Senior Hot Rock
    5. Elite Hot Rock
    6. Boiling Meteor
    7. Flaming Meteor
    8. Lava Master

    I hope people like this one!

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    Nice idea Bawpotter

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    1 Rock debris
    2 Ash cloud observer
    3 Molten rock expert
    4 Volcanologist
    5 lava know it all
    6 super volcano
    7 MAD about lava
    8 The Lava Champ

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    Quote Originally Posted by xokay View Post
    Nice idea Bawpotter
    Thanks! I figured it goes well with the whole "Lava" theme.

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