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Thread: Fashion story ideas

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    Lightbulb Fashion story ideas

    >Would love to have an open /closed sign. One that we buy with coins- not gems.

    >Maybe an opening times poster that we can change to suit our own times to make it look more like a store.

    >The 'visit' neighbours store button could fade once visited and could be reset incase need to go back to tip as the store maybe fully tipped already.

    >The news feed wall could be longer.

    >More rotation of tables would be cool.

    I have more ideas but can't think of the rest right now. I love this game so far Keep up the good work!

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    I agree I would like the visit button to fade if we visit AND we like something in the store like when we gift. So that if they are full we know who we skipped and who need to go bk to. Would be so much easier then trying to remember where I left off and with who I just left. Thx.

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