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Thread: Out of sync when accepting gifts

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    Out of sync when accepting gifts

    Hi all
    Does anyone have problems with their restaurant going out of sync when accepting gifts.
    This has only started happening to me since the last update, 1.2.5, although much quicker to accept/decline gifts and material requests the servers can't keep up. If I respond to 4 or 5 quite quickly I get the dreaded 'oh darn' and 1 or 2 will reappear in my list then tell me I've already accepted or sent materials lol

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    I know this started happening in Farm earlier. Can you please provide you device and it's version number also? I'm going to report this with the farm bug.
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    Device is iPhone 4 version 4.3.3(8J2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc4martyc View Post
    Device is iPhone 4 version 4.3.3(8J2)
    It may not make a difference but wanted to let you know there is a new itunes update for iphone. version 4.3.5
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    Ok will sort that on the weekend but this has only happened since the latest updates on both restaurant and bakery. Both on version 1.2.5

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