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Thread: add storm id

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    Please Add

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    I try to tip daily in bakery story, and I will always accept if you request a certain gift. Add me: jordanw927

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    add me

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    add me please : severija. i play daily and give gifts (pet story, fashion, bakery, dragon story)

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    Talking Please add me


    I tip and gift daily. Thank you!

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    Sunshinesams2 ^_^ need some new neighbors only bakery story right now ^_^

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    Cool invited and looking for a response

    Halla! I just added you on Bakery Story, serious player, had left fb [facebook] 2.5 yrs ago and never looked back, basically starting fresh and looking to climb my cookie ladder here and my spaghetti ladder in restaurant story.

    Do respond to my neighbour invite and i shall leave you tips and/or gifts, whichever you require.

    * chocka shocka *

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    I send a daily gift, send materials as soon as I see the request and tip as time permits. If you do the same, then please add cannolilady.

    I play daily and check in often throughout the day.

    I play both Bakery & Restaurant Story.

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