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Thread: Daily player

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    ID : gencerker

    Just good neighbors please... need2 clean everyday x10!

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    May 2011
    Add me only if you gift every day, i gift every day. Id: sybz

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    add me joewyno

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    Nov 2011
    ID gakhang. Thanks all.
    Merry Christmass

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    Everybody please add me city story: whiteipad2

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    ADD ME Please !!!!
    all the games !!!
    zoo story , zoo story 2, Bakery, Restuarant, mobster, pet, ......
    user id : PAPAMPI

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    hello everyone!My storm8 ID is seiya77.
    I'm a nice girl~I play daily and I need daily neighbors as well~add me pls~

    If you have:

    Farm Story
    City Story
    Restaurant Story
    Empire Story
    Bakery Story
    Fashion Story
    Nightclub Story
    Zoo Story
    Zoo Story 2
    Pet Shop Story

    U can add me as well~I need more friends and more neighbors for all "story" games~thx to add me~
    Let us enjoy stories together^w^/~

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    add Cecret..daily player

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    ple ase add me "Cecret" i play all story games..thank u!

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    Feb 2012

    Red face MY ID: reyrakoike

    ADD reyrakoike if you need neighbor.i give gifts daily but tip only sometimes.감사합니다.즐거운 하루 보내세요 ^ - ^

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