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Thread: Account or forum display settings

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    Question Account or forum display settings

    If I have my settings slightly different on another device before it failed, is it somehow causing more problems with functions such as sorting things. It is also very difficult to remember all of the details which is why I copy & paste long instructions on how to do things & take pictures/screenshots for the settings or examples on where to go.
    Thread Display Options at the very end before going into any forums are
    Show threads from the?
    I have Beginning for the option
    Sort threads by:
    I have Last Post Time
    Order threads in?
    I have Descending Order
    Then when I go to different parts I see things like this

    Threads 0 to 0 of 0Forum: Social Casual and Social Arcade

    Forums for all of your favorite casual and arcade titles!

    Thank you very much for all help,


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    You can have your forum settings different on various devices. It's just a viewing option which you can change on the low left side of a forum. Is that what you mean?

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    Thank you very much for all of the help on things.
    I will try my best to explain some of the issues especially since I have so many handicapped settings and features that need to be setup properly & others don?t need is one reason why I need to be able to switch things around.
    Some features & settings sound like you can?t change them or they will happen across all of your devices & you have to be signed into the account or device to be able to change them, plus logged onto the internet to get to like the page or site.

    Since Bakery Story & so many other things including the browser are 3rd party, Apple doesn?t seem to want to help much.
    Here is at least one question I can?t seem to find anywhere when looking to see if the Storm 8 games support what I adjust here,
    There are also things in the Display Settings for Display & Brightness that says,
    "Apps that support Dynamic Type will adjust to your preferred reading size above."

    I have run into problems with my account on here not allowing me to change the settings for awhile. Not sure why or if whenever we do functions such as clearing the "cache" or other settings is somehow causing this.
    Here is one of the areas, which you have to be signed into the storm 8 account or id to even change things. I keep receiving emails about one of my other accounts that keep recognizing I have a new device & my information doesn?t exactly match where I am from & saying if it wasn?t me who logged into the account, I may want to change my password & other things. Sometimes when I search on things the location it says I?m from isn?t precise. Is not far from me but sometimes is about an hour or so away from where I live & in a different state.
    This is a 7th Generation iPad & the previous one was 6th Generation. So, the software is all slightly different. We set it up from the iCloud backups before the battery failed on the previous one & other devices that were still under warranty so were replaced for free since they determined the device was broken when they were logged in or somehow with us to see what is happening doing something called, "Screen Share" or "Remote Access"
    Could that cause anything we don?t know about to happen? If they are logged into the account too? Maybe it saved something they initiated or accidentally setup. Since they don?t play any of the storm 8 games or even use any of the other apps I use on a daily basis is a bit scary at times even though it?s helpful so you don?t have to take the device in for service if they can get it up & running over the phone.
    Now that the pandemic is happening we really can?t be bringing devices back or in for service. We actually still haven?t got the new screen protector on completely since we have to take it to Best Buy & due to health issues can?t get exposed.
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