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Thread: Need materials? Starting a list of people who only send materials daily!

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    Hello all,

    I'm level 99 bakery story. Unable to tip daily due to hectic schedule but I send gifts daily and send all requested parts daily. If you are able to gift and accept requests please add my storm ID LTavon922. Tips aren't required. Thank you

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    Materials plz

    ID: Blueskytori
    RS BS

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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Hi, I am Level 99 player on RS & BS, I gift parts only and accept all requests. I don't tip or need tips.


    ID: kimmy42

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    Jun 2014

    Talking Low maintenance parts focused player looking for the same in neighbors.

    Long term player (since 2013) of both BS and RS. Time to replenish active neighbors in both.

    I gift Parts Only, and am looking for neighbors who gift Parts Only, particularly during goals, but also frequently used parts (Oven Elements!) between goals. No food items.

    I rarely tip, and do not need tips.

    I play almost daily, but not always every day. I have a family to care for, and that takes priority.

    Add: ElvenCat

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    add me: HatsuneMikuDX
    Lv99, both in Restaurant Story & Bakery Story
    I'll give u the material u need

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    Looking for high level neighbors to gift PARTS ONLY. I do not have the time to tip so I don't care if you do. If this works for you then please add. Thanks in advance.

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    Add me Vero_Love29

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    May 2016
    i havent played in over a year but i really wanna start again. i dont know what parts are ~hot~ right now, but i'll figure it out and until i do ill send one of the basic ones each day!

    id: skyspread

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    I don't tip but I send PARTS gifts daily If you're the same, please Add GP1988

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    I respond to requests often and tip daily. Only on level 20 because my phone crashed a few weeks ago and I hadn't set a password for my old account.

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