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Thread: How do you EARN gems?

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    Yeah, I noticed this on my daughter's game. There's these suggestions on the left side, but they require gems to carry out, like buy a new rhino or zebra habitat. I feel bad for her but I won't let her buy any gems. I have disabled in--app purchases on her ipod touch and my iphone. not happening. Its bad enough we play games. We're not going to spend money on them. What would the neighbors think?

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    It's annoying that you can't decline to play the task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambath123 View Post
    How can I take a picture on sony ericsson x8?
    Please try to post on-topic. You'll need an external camera as the Android system does not support this functionality (except that I've just discovered that it can!). There are also threads for it, where iDevive users upload it for you.

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    Hello....I did that post this exact message thingy 3 times and still have yet to get my gems or coins!!!!
    Why??!! I'm playing Zoo Story 2
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