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Thread: Unbelieveable! I want my MP3 factory back that I EARNED!

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    Exclamation Unbelieveable! I want my MP3 factory back that I EARNED!

    So I wrote:
    SKB, Sep 01 15:19 (PDT):
    I completed a stage on city story 1.0.1 and received a key and a mp3 player
    factory in my inventory that I tried to place but it has disappeared. Can you
    put it back in my inventory? I cleared space to use it. thanks

    Then they replied:

    TeamLava Support Indigo, Sep 01 15:38 (PDT):
    Hi SKB,
    Unfortunately we aren't able to reverse player transactions. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    TeamLava Support Indigo

    I want my factory back! I earned it. And if you can take my money you can return a factory that has disappeared.

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    Exclamation Are you KIDDING ME??

    So I said they suck and they said:

    "I'm showing that this particular item was sold. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Yours, TeamLava Support Indigo"

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    As far as I know, there is no such thing as an "mp3 factory". All the factories can make anything.

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    -Can you even put factories in your inventory?

    - A factory costs almost nothing.....

    -The game is free, they don't take any money.

    -Your first letter is way too confusing to unterstand.

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    Im a bit confuse on the first post

    I think what he is trying to say is this..

    He made a contract of MP3 players in one of his factories. Then he tried to rearrange his city. While doing this, he put his factory (with in the process of making MP3 players) in his inventory. When he put back his factory from the inventory to his city, the contract of Mp3 players and the key in that factory disappeared. Now he wanted to get the contract back on that factory and maybe with its key.

    Am I right? o.O I am a bit confused.

    Whenever you put a house, building or a factory in your inventory, they will lose their "cleaned state" and maybe the same case with the contracts and keys. Just maybe. /

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