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Thread: You've GOT to add neighbor list functionality

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    You've GOT to add neighbor list functionality

    When you water a neighbor, they should go to the bottom of your neighbor list with a check by the name, for the day or until you're able to water them again. The way it stands now, your neighbors whose names start deeper in the alphabet will never get watered. Please change this. I know you can add a lot more functionality to this game and how it runs -- why, for instance is there a huge lag time when you click on accept for pending neighbor, and why like S8's can't you add them all at once -- so I'm hoping this is just a result of this game being in extremely early beta stages.

    Keep up the work, it's a great premise and lots of peaceful time-wasting fun.

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    I agree!!

    Being able to check off the farmers that have been watered would really help. I know that I would be able to keep track of the farms I've visited and I would love to be able to see which farms I still have to visit.

    Please add this feature!!

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    The thing I find frustrating is that it is a lot of clicks to get to the neighbor list.

    I find my self clicking on the first neighbor and then instead of going back to my neighbor list to find the next guy ... I just go to the current guy I am on and click their Wall and pick a name from the wall to water.

    It would be nice if there was an icon in the pull out list .. which said "N" or something for Next Neighbor. I could click the N and it would reward people who took the time to get Neighbors added to their list.

    Until then I will be just getting people to add me to their neighbor list with out watering them on a regular basis. :-(

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    Lightbulb Removing Neighbors

    I have too many neighbors and want to be able to remove some. I can't believe this functionality wasn't added to the game.

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    I mean, if they admitted the extreme beta nature of the product, I'd feel much better.

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    Agree with above comments and would like to see a flag that tells you if a neighbours farm is fully watered. It's really frustrating visiting a farm and having to search for any spaces especially if they have a large farm that's only got crops.

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    Agree that a flag on the neighbor list when fully watered would be great or better yet a count of unwatered plots and how many waters I have left. On the other hand I have made it a game within a game of hunting out the imbedded unwatered plots or those hidden under trees. I can't understand why people randomly water instead of keeping to a straight row or square. One thing I have found helps is to zoom out until most/all of the farm is visible then you notice the water drop pattern and the missing plots. You also get to see the work some people put into their farm design. I've seen 4 or 5 with words spelled out in the plants and even a side view of a dog and of course many geometric patterns.

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    If this isn't fixed where once you water someone for the day, they drop to bottom of neighbor list, then a lot of people will be renaming themselves things like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAfarmer" just to stay high on a list.

    Please, I know it can be done.

    Also, off-topic for here, but they should change the watered notification so that it doesn't look like a comment from someone but rather a different-colored, official game message or something.

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    It is working! When you visit a neighbor he or she goes to the bottom of the list. GREAT!

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    OMG!!!! no wonder!!!!! i couldnt find my nbr anywhere, thought i had deleted her... shes probable at the bottom!!! Yay!!! next step is to make the list not keep popping back up when you visit nbrs, that would be soooo awesome!!!!

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