Hi - I've seen several posts about this, but haven't seen any response from the developers.

As of now, you can rotate the buildings in only two directions. It would be nice if we were able to rotate the buildings a full 360? so that, for instance, the driveway can be facing the street rather than the house next door. I've seen some cities where there are no roads or there are only a few but the houses are stacked 5+ deep where there is no way for the 'people' in the house to get to a road without going through a few backyards, but to each his own I guess. I'm going for more visual realism, as in, each building is adjacent to a road. But for realism, it seems only natural that we'd be able to turn the buildings so that their orientation faces the road as it should.

A second note is that it would be nice to be able to rotate your city around, so you can get a glimpse of it from each of the 4 sides. That would be a very good addition for user interface, but it also has a practical reason; once you start building bigger and taller buildings, it becomes very easy for the tiles behind the bigger/taller objects to be out of the visual plane. Sometimes you have to actually move a building to the inventory just so you can place something on a tile behind it, then move it back out of inventory.

Other than that, it's a pretty neat game, especially since it's free. It does kind of become annoying when buildings can only be purchased with cash rather than coins, especially since the conversion rate should be much higher. Spending $50 real dollars is nuts on it's own, but if someone does choose to do that, they should get a lot more than just $275 in city cash.

Just my 2?.

id: PhotoGamer