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Thread: GOAL: Juneteenth Jubilee - 2024 Jun. 11 (14 Days)

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    GOAL: Juneteenth Jubilee - 2024 Jun. 11 (14 Days)

    14 Day Goal - Juneteenth Jubilee
    Lv. 12+
    *Goal should end 2024 June 24*
    (21:00 UTC / 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT)

    ATTN: Goal Prize has been adjusted - you may need to reinstall to see new image
    *will update images when a change is pushed through

    Goal 1: Juneteenth Jubilee
    Buy 8 Juneteenth Wallpapers (16g to skip)
    - Wallpaper
    - $8,000 each
    - ANY wallpaper will count
    Buy 14 Juneteenth Tiles (24g to skip)
    - Floor Tiles
    - $9,000 each
    - ANY tile will count
    *Rewards: $2,620, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Oven Appliance* *Side Goal Opens*

    Goal 2: Macaron Munchies
    Build 3 Juneteenth Ovens (4g to skip)
    - 1 Fully Built for Free
    - $35,000 each
    - 28 Juneteenth Knob + 12 Juneteenth Spring
    Serve 27 Juneteenth Macarons (27g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Oven
    - 2 Hours
    *Rewards: $2,650, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Cupcakes Recipe*

    Goal 3: Sweets and Silhouettes
    Serve 16 Juneteenth Cupcakes (48g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Oven
    - 3 Hours
    Buy 3 Juneteenth Wall Arts (6g to skip)
    - Wall Deco
    - $22,000 each
    *Rewards: $2,700, 75 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Donuts Recipe*

    Goal 4: Donuts and Decorations
    Serve 20 Juneteenth Donuts (64g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Oven
    - 5 Hours
    Buy ANY 1 floor decoration (can't skip)
    - Must be new purchase
    - Table/Chair/Counter will count
    *Rewards: $2,770, 75 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Chiller Appliance*

    Goal 5: Sips to Celebrate
    Build 3 Juneteenth Chillers (4g to skip)
    - 1 Fully Built for Free
    - $39,000 each
    - 40 Juneteenth Nut + 32 Juneteenth Bolt
    Serve 34 Juneteenth Sippers (48g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Chiller
    - 2 Hours
    *Rewards: $2,880, 80 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Ice Cream Recipe*

    Goal 6: Fun and Friends
    Visit 12 Community Members (12g to skip)
    - Neighbors do not count
    Leave 12 Tips (12g to skip)
    - Tipping any other bakery counts
    Have 2 Juneteenth Counters (4g to skip)
    - Counter
    - $15,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,000, 85 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Drummers Floor Deco*

    Goal 7: Dessert and Drums
    Serve 25 Juneteenth Ice Creams (63g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Chiller
    - 7 Hours
    Have 2 Juneteenth Drummers (4g to skip)
    - 2x1 Floor Deco
    - $20,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,300, 90 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Shaved Ice Recipe*

    Goal 8: Celebration and Seats
    Have 4 Juneteenth Tables (8g to skip)
    - Table
    - $14,000 each
    Have 6 Juneteenth Chairs (12g to skip)
    - Chair
    - $16,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,470, 95 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Booth Floor Deco*

    Goal 9: A Booth for a Sweet Tooth
    Serve 40 Juneteenth Shaved Ices (99g to skip)
    - Juneteenth Chiller
    - 10 Hours
    Have 2 Juneteenth Booths (4g to skip)
    - 3x3 Floor Deco
    - $32,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,700, 100 xp, 1 Free Juneteenth Dancers Floor Deco*

    Final Goal Prize:
    Juneteenth Dancers, 4x4, 65 Gems
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 06-11-2024 Goal Prize (FIXED).PNG 
Views:	1835 
Size:	56.4 KB 
ID:	74879

    Lv. 12+

    *Recipes on Basic Oven and Basic Drink Mixer for SG duration
    *Recipes may have unlock level lowered for duration of SG
    *Recipes will return to original levels when finished with final task of last goal
    *If skipping SG, recipes will return to original levels at end of goal timer
    *Timer banners on recipes are just to help players find them during the goal
    *Notes based on past goal behavior*

    U-Trendy Party Part One:
    Serve 25 Red Velvet Cookies (99g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 3 Hours *under COOKIES tab*
    Serve 21 Red Juices (99g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 5 Hours *under SPECIALTY tab*
    Rewards: $1,800, 53 xp

    U-Trendy Party Part Two:
    Serve 29 Red Velvet Cookies (99g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 3 Hours *under COOKIES tab*
    Serve 22 Red Juices (99g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 5 Hours *under SPECIALTY tab*
    Rewards: $1,800, 53 xp

    U-Trendy Party Part Three:
    Serve 30 Red Velvet Cookies (99g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 3 Hours *under COOKIES tab*
    Serve 22 Red Juices (99g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 5 Hours *under SPECIALTY tab*
    Rewards: $1,800, 53 xp, 1 Free U-Trendy Party Floor Deco

    Final Side Goal Prize:
    U-Trendy Party, 4x4, 25 Gem Value (Originally released 2022 Dec. 23 as limited market purchase)
    *original version of deco released 2017 Dec. 28 as final prize in Shine Bright Like a Diamond goal

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 06-11-2024 SG Prize.PNG 
Views:	2827 
Size:	155.5 KB 
ID:	74849
    *Deco placed, click for larger image/greater detail:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 06-11-2024 SG Placed.jpg 
Views:	330 
Size:	109.0 KB 
ID:	74850
    *Shiny Rose Gold tiles in front of deco to show footprint

    BONUS GOAL: Complete Juneteenth Jubilee!
    *Must complete all tasks of the current Main Goal in order to access this goal

    *If you want to unlock the new recipe, be sure to allow yourself a bit of extra time on the final day
    *Loretta's Oven is the bonus appliance again, but a new recipe is added.
    *Only new recipe will unlock with this goal, other recipes will remain locked if you missed previous bonus goals
    *Using 99 gems to skip the first task will only unlock the NEWEST Loretta's Oven recipe
    *You WILL NOT get any goal locked recipes or decos from main goal if you use gems to skip any BG tasks

    Goal 1:
    Unlock the Juneteenth Dancers (99g to skip goal)
    - task auto-completes by winning final goal prize from the Main Goal
    Rewards: $2,620, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Loretta's Oven Appliance

    Goal 2:
    Have the Loretta's Oven (99g to skip goal)
    - $35,000
    - Comes Fully Built
    - task auto-completes if you've already purchased the oven
    Rewards: $2,650, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Juneteenth Cake Recipe

    Goal 3:
    Serve Juneteenth Cake 10 times! (20g to skip goal)
    - Loretta's Oven
    - 2 Hours
    Rewards: $5,400, 150 xp

    Main Goal Items:
    Spoiler: show

    Side Goal Recipes Images:
    Spoiler: show

    Bonus Goal Recipes Images:
    Spoiler: show

    iOS Value Pack Offer:
    Spoiler: show
    Mochi Donut Maker - 3x3 - 24 Gem Value
    Originally released 2022 Jun. 02 as possible 2nd Prize in Island Crate

    *Inventory Image:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 06-11-2024 VP Inventory.PNG 
Views:	48 
Size:	66.9 KB 
ID:	74851
    *Deco placed, click for larger image/greater detail:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 06-11-2024 VP Placed.jpg 
Views:	68 
Size:	105.1 KB 
ID:	74852
    *Shiny Rose Gold tiles in front of deco to show footprint

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    Edit: it blended with my cabinets.

    Has anyone else had their first Junteenth oven not automatically be built?
    Last edited by strawberries957; 06-11-24 at 01:33 PM. Reason: Problem solved

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    Some of the goals lately are disappointing. Wish we had more bakery theme goals.

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    Wow red velvet cookies again I only have 121, 000 and some change to sell lol

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    As an African American player I’m super excited for this goal I and love the inclusiveness but can’t help but notice that the goal prize is a little Eurocentric and there is a lack of colored people in the game in general not just black. I don’t even have colored people walk through my door as a customer and it has always bothered me for years, kind of like shopping for a Barbie as a kid and there was only one on the shelf that looked like me. I don’t think it’s intentional on Storm 8’s part and I see that this is not the case for some android users. I am in no way trying to be controversial or divisive, just something I thought I’d point out, with the goal being a black holiday. Overall I love how the game touches on various cultures and cuisine's and I’ve certainly met so many amazing people from all over the world. I guess what I’m asking for is a prize with more colored people, specifically for this goal and more inclusivity of other races in general. Nevertheless thank for listening to my rant and happy baking to all of my neighbors ��
    Last edited by bvttercvp; 06-11-24 at 03:37 PM.

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    i agree with @bvttercvp! i'm excited that they decided to do a Juneteenth goal cause this is something so far i haven't seen them do before! but yes you would think as a Juneteenth celebration goal that the prize goal would be a little more diverse..

    in general i hope they do decide to add more people of color into goal prizes since it's usually only one poc character if it all =s

    love the way they touch on events and foods from cultures all over the world and hope they take this input into consideration cause it would be great to have more diverse goal prizes and avatars moving forward 😊

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    I also mimic the confusion on the final goal prize. However, from an aesthetic standpoint I do love the juneteenth booth more anyways so will probably being playing up until that. Also loving the floor tiles and counters, kudos to the team for representing such an important holiday
    Last edited by slayer7000; 06-11-24 at 09:27 PM.

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    The team is working on a fix for the Juneteenth Dancers!
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    Same, everything is still beautiful and by all means everyone is welcome to the parade and to celebrate. The decoration is still lovely and I appreciate them even doing a Juneteenth goal at all! Thank you Storm8!!!

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    I’m glad the team is trying to fix the dancers. I too am happy to see a Juneteenth goal, but can’t believe how out of touch that final prize is.

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