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Thread: Blocking a user from posting on my wall

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    Blocking a user from posting on my wall

    Can a community user be blocked from posting messages to my wall if I find them annoying and not related to the game play??

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    You can block someone by doing the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Block Feature Available on version 1.7.8.

    You can block players from posting on your wall with this Block feature.

    Block Player
    1. Click [Block] icon next to his post
      The post will disappear from your wall and this player will appear in your Blocked List.

    Unblock Player
    1. Click [Main] icon
    2. Click [Settings] icon in the Main Menu screen
    3. Click [Blocked List] to display the list of players you have blocked
    4. Click [Unblock] next to the player's game name to unlock him
      This player will disappear from your Blocked List.

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    If you're on a device that doesn't have the block option, you can open a Support Ticket with the team who can block the player from their end.

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