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Thread: Goal: Kitchen Master - April 19th, 2024 (5 days)

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    I have not won this prize before and it is currently available to buy for 30,000 coins. Is there anyone who can ask if the prize can be changed to something that is not available for buying?

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    Hahah they just can?t get it right ?We complain recipes are too long, so they give us an easier goal with a prize we can get on our own 🤣 . They said ?you want the big prize you have to pay the price ? literally lolllll! Not Funny it?s frustrating , but I have been able to complete goals once I found this forum! I used to do them just to unlock the recipes knowing that I could never win the prize but now sometimes I can just barelyyyyy get by thanks to people on here ! ❤️

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