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Thread: Scrolling option+ grid for gifts or categories

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    Scrolling option+ grid for gifts or categories

    Its really hard to search for specific items to send gifts because theres just to many, and have to click mutliple times to get to the those i items i need to be sending so a scrolling options would be easier to handle where items are displayed on a grid or theres a search bar to go directly to them.

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    Players have been BEGGING for a sort feature for years. Ive played 10+ years and still wishing it would happen. Why wont they? That is the question! It is time consuming to find what you need and really takes a lot of fun out of the game

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    I've sent a lot of reports to storm8 support regarding this issue, not sure why they still didn't take any action. Common sense, out. At least remove the past goal materials when it's finished. It took an ages to send gifts, especially for basic parts.

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