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Thread: Bakery Story: ADD ME - October 2023 - April 2024

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    Hi guys!
    I'm a level 99 player who does all goals. I answer requests and gift back what you gift me. I don't usually tip and I don't read my wall. Not trying to be antisocial. I just don't have the time anymore.
    ID: SurfergirlSD

    *Also on RS. ID is the same

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    Hi all! belangeremily00 on both restaurant and bakery story!

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    Please add scottnickangel and yjkj0407

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    Please add haileybailey066
    Goal player please send goal parts ❤️🎁 I accept gift requests daily and send gifts.
    I tip when I have time to do so, usually at night and try to always tip back after being visited. Thank you

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    Apr 2024
    I welcome you to add me: Sentient. (level 39 since I lost my old account) 🌷🌻🌺
    I am a goal player and send gifts daily, usually goal related gifts, sometimes exactly the items I receive in requests depending on how much time I have. One day I aspire to have a huge cat & flower themed cafe. 🐈🌼 Hope to see you around! ✨

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    Jun 2015
    Please add me at: oo56

    I don't tip consistently, but do gift parts daily/respond to gift requests!!! Thanks!!!

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    Apr 2024
    ID: kmto

    I am Level 99 and looking for active players only.
    Goal player, no food XXXXX parts only!
    I don't tip so you don't have to tip either.

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    My id is felixhome2. Please add me!
    I send gifts 🎁 and respond to gift requests 😊 !!! Thanks
    Have a good day! 😊😊

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    I've played for awhile, love my neighborhood but some of them no longer do the 14 day goals. I'm interested in a few more who like the 14 day goals and send gifts everyday. Not interested if you tip or chat but I'm pretty friendly if you like doing that. I always tip back.

    ID: sayourprayers

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    Hello! Welcome to Rosey’s Corner Cafe, i tip daily or at least try to remember, I do goals and gift requests, prefer goal only parts? You got! Want food? Done. I prefer to have goal parts unless I write on my wall other wise! I fell behind on the game but I’m here to stay this time! Add me @ fureverdoxies

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